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arts and accessories. Despite the global economic turmoil, there was hope at the automobile exhibition that▓ China's car market would continue to prosper.Yuan Wei, Vice Executive Editor-in-Chief of Autocar Magazine said "Because in the global economic environment, includi▓ng China, objectively speaking, all motor manufacturers have worse expectations of sales. However▓, even in this case, places like Guangdong, which are highly competitive for manufacturers, cannot be given up."

cerns over the future

The opening of the sixth China International Automobile show comes amidst growing concern that the B

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of the US car industry

ig Three US automakers - General Moto▓rs, Ford and Chrysler - are in peril, battered by the economic meltdown that has choked their sales and frozen loans. International a

and speculatio▓n tha

utomakers are now looking into the Chinese market for ▓opportunities.The Guangzhou Auto Show is one of three key auto exhibitions in China, and also the last of the year.

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t US carmakers may loo

Du▓e to a huge car market and increasing oil prices, the▓ whole world has turned their attention to small-displacement car▓s and electric cars, among other eco-friendly an

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d energy-efficient cars. Beginning at 2009, China implemented a reduction and exemption on the purchase tax for small-displacement cars. On March 6, Miao Wei, a member▓

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of the National People's Congress (NPC) and director of Minis▓try of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of ▓China, disclosed that the subsidy stan

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dards for people purchasing electric cars, which concern both the automobile manufacturers and purchasers, will be released after t▓he NPC and CPPCC sessions. Actually, th

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